Over the past several years, our staff and board have considered and reconsidered Safe Harbors’ logo… how do we capture all we do in a single image… how do we express the arts, the housing, the community building and the growth? A logo should be bold and strong. It should convey something without having to spell it out, like a good interpretive dance or impressionist painting… it doesn’t have to be literal, but it has to be expressive.

We are pleased to launch our new logo, which is making its debut on the cover of this publication. The new design is an interpretation on the original, a roof over a home – a home for people, a home for the arts and a home for community gathering. But take another look at that roof and you will see a road going toward a point in the distance; a road we are traveling together toward a stronger Newburgh with affordable housing for all our neighbors; toward accessible and exciting arts; toward economic development and downtown revitalization. We are boldly going down that road and hope you will join us and support us on the journey as together we transform lives and build community through housing and the arts.