As we begin to cautiously break free from the clutches of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happily welcoming friends back to Safe Harbors, to enjoy open air performances, farmers markets and gatherings on Safe Harbors Green; limited capacity openings, exhibitions and programming in Ann Street Gallery; and streamed and small-scale live performances in the Lobby at the Ritz. 

And as we build back our events calendar, we are intentionally expanding the diversity of our programs; the performing and visual artists we engage; and the community members we reach. 

As an organization, we are undertaking diversity, equity and inclusion work that involves staff, board, volunteers, patrons and friends of Safe Harbors. The months’ long DEI training will further cultivate and codify an ethos of diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace, programming and public engagement. 

We are committed to growing our unique housing and downtown revitalization model in the City of Newburgh; and to that end, have responded to a City RFP (request for proposal) to purchase and develop a decades’ vacant lot to create an innovative and dynamic mixed-use housing and commercial development. It is a competitive process and we won’t know if we have been selected by the time this newsletter goes to print, but regardless of the outcome, we now have a strong, credentialed development team assembled and are well poised to pursue future opportunities 

On the Historic Ritz Theater front, we are one state grant away from opening the doors of the Ritz stage for the first time in nearly 25 years! Though it will be in a limited capacity, adhering to our phased approach to redeveloping the space, the proposed work will result in a completed stage house and the capacity to host live performances and public and private events. We will know in December if we are awarded those funds, so fingers crossed! 

As the Cornerstone Residence reaches its 15th birthday, Safe Harbors will be undergoing a re-capitalization and rehabilitation of the building that is so integral to the work that we do. We are looking forward to upgrading the apartments and community spaces, increasing energy efficiency and making necessary repairs on the roof, façade and mechanical systems. 

So, a busy year behind and a busy year ahead, as Safe Harbors continues to strengthen its mission, grow its program and increase its impact on the community we serve. 

Thank you for supporting our mission of transforming lives and building community through housing and the arts. With your help we are ever onward!