2022 marks 20 years since Safe Harbors of the Hudson purchased the blighted Hotel Newburgh and began its transformation into a beautiful, safe, supportive,
and affordable housing and arts complex.

Safe Harbors’ unique development model co-locates and integrates equitable housing, economic development, environmental justice, and downtown revitalization, creating a social and cultural anchor in our community.

With the completion of 128 units of housing, an award-winning art gallery, a lively performance space, a verdant green park, eight artist studios, two vibrant Broadway commercial spaces, and work well underway for the opening of the Ritz Theater, Safe Harbors is ready for the next big step!

Preliminary plans are underway for a second housing and community-responsive development! We are excited to grow our innovative model to meet Newburgh’s growing demand for affordable housing, downtown revitalization and employment opportunities.

These projects take time, but we are well poised to move forward and look forward to sharing details as they emerge.

In the meantime, Safe Harbors continues to provide housing and support for 128 of our neighbors; to redevelop the Ritz Theater into a state-of-the-art cultural venue; to maintain and enhance a half-acre urban park; and to host a robust calendar of performing and visual arts, farmers markets and community programs.

There is always something to engage with at Safe Harbors, so please, stay in touch, get involved and thank you for your continued support.

Together, we are transforming lives and building community through housing and the arts!