1x1x1: Hanny Ahern – Penumbria Passage

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1x1x1: Hanny Ahern – Penumbria Passage

Hanny Ahern, Penumbria Passage, 2022, animated gif, dimensions variable.

1x1x1: Hanny Ahern – Penumbria Passage
February 11 – March 11, 2022
February 11, 5-7pm

Hanny Ahern’s Penumbria Passage is a preview to a new body of work on the art of noticing: of capturing and retaining minutia, trace particles, and inconsequential specks. As each bit makes its way into Ahern’s studio, a larger networked constellation emerges in which she invites others to immerse themselves—collectively, relationally, each of us guiding destiny together. For her 1x1x1 installation, Ahern projects a holographic image in the Gallery window, adversting a hidden array of small works throughout the main space for visitors to discover via flashlight.

The window installation is on view 24/7, or view the hidden flashlight exhibition open by appointment via email to annstreetgallery@safe-harbors.org or instagram direct message @annstreetgallery.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The clouds are drifting overhead. The moon rises. The night falls. In the darkness, a strange light hits the window pane and in a second’s glance, a rainbow.

You are invited to and through Penumbria Passage. A world captivated by the forces of continuous change. A world lit by the constrained penumbral illumination of the earth’s shadow cast on the moon. A world seen through the penetrating light of adapted senses. A world awash with the detritus stranded as the passage of time materializes into leftover things. Lay low in this sunken River Valley…patiently waiting, collecting, capturing, forgetting, and rediscovering discarded fragments. Sift through this fragmentation, like storing files in separate areas of memory scattered throughout a hard disk. Until one day, it suddenly appears, the evidence of a subconscious knowing: a hyper-realized hologram of real life—glistening like stirred dust in a sunlight space.


Hanny Ahern is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York. Her work explores human interaction by capturing and creating loopholes for connection, which leads to a deeper understanding of the self. Ahern’s practice is a poetic restructuring of visual landscapes, physical experience, and immersive environments. She earned her undergraduate degree from Bennington College and masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. Hanny was the inaugural artist-educator for Dia Art Foundation’s Teen Program in Beacon, exhibited with Strongroom in Newburgh, and most recently taught at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts.

1x1x1 is ann street gallery’s series featuring one artist, one work, for one month in the Gallery window. 1x1x1 aims to be a nimble platform giving artists experimental space for solo exhibitions.


Feb 11, 2022


Ann Street Gallery


Ann Street Gallery
104 Ann Street Newburgh, New York 12550


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