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Safe Harbors Ann Street Gallery is pleased to announce its newest exhibition ANIMALIA, on view now through January 11, 2020.

The animalia kingdom is defined as a diverse category, which includes over one million species ranging from human beings to giant squid. Through the works of twenty-seven contemporary artists, the ANIMALIA exhibition explores artists’ interpretations and representations of this natural world as expressed in their art.

Since time immemorial, humans have had a complex relationship and fascination with animals. As early cohabitants, humans have relied on animals for survival; to provide food and clothing; while their beauty has provided endless creative inspiration. Throughout history and across cultures, animal iconography realistic or imaginary in representation, has occupied a central role in mankind’s artistic expression and thought. Today, this affinity to the animal realm has changed but the desire to document it continues to endure.

The outstanding display of works in the ANAMALIA exhibit confirms this relentless human obsession and pays homage to all forms of the natural world. It also provides an alluring look into each artist’s perspective on the intricate human-animal relationship, through a variety of depictions and motifs: symbolical icons, mythical creatures, sacred supernatural beings, and portraits of favorite household pets. Expressed in a wide-ranging compilation of works, these documentations of encounters and interactions with animality, traverse a variety of  dramatically striking styles and media: ceramics, textiles, drawings, sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, beadwork, video and installations.

Sadly, for most Western modern societies, the little exposure humans presently have to the animalia kingdom is a sentimental attachment to a domesticated pet. Or perhaps, for those seeking a slightly more authentic encounters, a hike in a national park or a visit to the zoo. ANIMALIA affords visitors an occasion to  reflect on  these contemporary attitudes towards our entangled human-animal bond. More importantly, it is an opportunity to renew our appreciation for the world of animality, our interconnectedness and shared existence on earth.

Artists featured: Darcie Abbatiello, Lisa Breznak, Jodi Cachia, Vincent Dion, Rachel Eng,Jonathan Fitz, Evelyn Gardiner, Erin Gardner, Karen Gibbons, Alyssa Grenning, Jenn Houle, Dani Ives, Daniel M Long, Beth Lowell, Ryan Lytle, Michael McConnell, Caitlin McCormack, Sharon Pierce McCullough, Margaret Neher, Guno Park, Masako Roberts, Kathleen Robbins, Scott Schuldt, Joseph Smolinski, Casey Whittier, Gretchen Woodman and Lydia Viscardi.

For more information regarding, ANIMALIA or the Ann Street Gallery contact Virginia Walsh, Director at (845) 784-1146,, or visit Virginia Walsh curated the exhibition – it will be on view through Saturday, January 11, 2020.


Jan 11, 2020


All Day


Ann Street Gallery


Ann Street Gallery
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