When You Dream: An Exploration of West Side Story

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When You Dream: An Exploration of West Side Story

When You Dream: An Exploration of West Side Story
West Side Story, A Look Back on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of this classic film, and release of the new film, Safe Harbors of the Hudson and New Take Digital Media produced an event exploring the themes, music, legacy and relevance of West Side Story.
Tune in to a dynamic streamed event featuring dance performances; interviews with original cast members and other luminaries; and a discussion with local community leaders about the legacy and enduring cultural relevance of this important work of American musical theater.
Enjoy this event as it explores the music, dance, artistry and history of West Side Story, featuring:
  • Russell Ger, Musical Director and Conductor of the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra presents on the brilliant composer of West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein
  • Corey Glover, Tanisha Castellanos and Luisa Fuentes crooning to the tunes of West Side Story accompanied by Neil Alexander
  • A panel of Newburgh community leaders and activists in a panel discussion about organized group activities in our cities
  • Dojo Dance Company, Maia Martinez and David Salvatierra Mamboing their way through West Side Story’s Dance at the Gym and Newburgh Performing Arts Academy performing original choreography on Safe Harbors Green.
  • And a conversation with original cast members!
This unique program is now available to view online for a limited time click here to watch!


Dec 10, 2021 - Jan 31, 2022


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