A Message from Executive Director, Lisa Silverstone
Vital…that is Safe Harbors of the Hudson…an organization always growing, strengthening, innovating! 2014 promises to be an exciting year indeed…those wonderful, bright, spacious commercial storefronts on Broadway are going to be home to two new exciting projects…watch for the progress. The Ritz marquee is being fully renovated and will be a beautiful new addition to the building’s facade and the larger streetscape. And Safe Harbors is applying for funding for another bold new project on Broadway…workforce housing for our city with the same focus on community-building and innovation as the Cornerstone. As we find ways to increase our impact, we never lose sight of our most important role, housing people with dignity, respect and opportunity. We appreciate your being there at the beginning, when Safe Harbors was a dream and we appreciate your continued support while we find new ways to transform lives and build communities through housing and the arts.