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An Aberrant View

The Safe Harbors of the Hudson Ann Street Gallery presents its winter exhibition An Aberrant View, with an Artist Reception Saturday, December 13 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. This event is free and the public is cordially invited to attend.

An Aberrant View explores how a group of twenty contemporary artists reframe the dominant discourses in contemporary art. The exhibition is comprised of iconoclastic multimedia works that convey an aesthetic of the unusual or aberrant, while defying traditional and conventional expectations. An Aberrant View features artists who take their inspiration from the propulsive radical changes in the conceptualization and production of art that developed in the aftermath of the great social and political upheaval of World War I. As a group these artists push back on the popular, mainstream acceptance of formalist and international styles of art.

Where visual art was once meant to be solely aesthetically pleasing, the prints, drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations on view combine media in playful and unexpected ways and are meant to mock authority, be ironic, provocative, offend, as a way of expressing displeasure of society, and the world at large. The works on display privilege the experimental and the conditional over the tried and true and offer a view on what only trial and error can achieve.

A hundred years on, we are once again in the midst of troubling times, faced with domestic and international tribulations that press us to change our views on the world, and it is only appropriate to ask whether our art is up to these same challenges.

Artists work on view: Atticus Adams, Wayne Adams, Christopher Bathgate, Paul Brandwein, Abbyssinian Carto, Jason Covert, Heather Cox, Brian William Driscoll, Ronald Gonzalez, Michelle Orsi Gordon, Reina Kubota, Joan Lurie, Christopher Manning, Zhanna Martin, Joe Meiser, Sylvia D. Nagy, Ronald Nigro, David Schnuckel, Amy Stienbarger, and Daniel Wiener.

The exhibition is on view through Saturday, February 14, 2015.
An Aberrant View was curated by Virginia Walsh, Director and Curator of Exhibitions at Ann Street Gallery, a project of Safe Harbors of the Hudson. The Ann Street Gallery specializes in contemporary, emerging and established artists and provides quality exhibitions, programs and events that encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art across cultures and among generations.

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