Jonathan Dobin

Thanks for your support and for creating a healing environment. It has allowed me to flourish beyond difficult times and has given me hope.

Jonathan Dobin, Cornerstone Resident
Kerry Butrick

Safe Harbors of the Hudson is an essential asset to the Newburgh community in the effort to restore Newburgh to the shining star it was many years ago. Safe Harbors – sponsored events, from the Ann Street Markets, to musical and art series for the young and old, in addition to opportunities for artist housing, make Safe Harbors of the Hudson a key player in the revitalization of downtown Newburgh. It’s only fitting that an organization located next to the historic Ritz Theater, where legendary icons such as Lucille Ball and Frank Sinatra brought the community together long ago, play an dynamic role in the Newburgh community today, tomorrow and hopefully for many years to come.

Kerry Butrick, Safe Harbors of the Hudson Supporter
Allan Atzrott

Safe Harbors has transformed their small corner of Newburgh, creating a ripple effect that continues to impact our community in so many positive ways. Their hard work and leadership has provided homes, hope and dignity to many Newburgh residents who needed their help.

Allan Atzrott, President & CEO, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital

The instant I walked into Safe Harbors I could tell and feel that I was in a special place. They have done an amazing job in transforming the former Hotel Newburgh in to The Cornerstone Residence. Best of all, they have respected the historical integrity of the buildings as much as possible. They have livened up the downtown area bringing music from award winning artists and a wonderful art gallery. I can not wait until the unveiling of the restored Ritz Theater, where greats such as Lucille Ball and Ella Fitzgerald once stood. What I love about this organization is that they keep on setting new goals and coming up with new ideas. The great work they have done in the past is surely a foreshadowing of the positive progress Newburgh will see in the future. They are giving a glimpse of hope of what a revived Newburgh could be like in the future.

Cher Vick, Creator/Editor, Newburgh Restoration
Chris Henley

I think there are many ways to give to an organization. It’s real easy to just write a check. But since I can’t write a big check, I do good in other ways. I volunteer because I like giving of myself and helping others. I like to see what my time does and who benefits from it. I donate food from my business all the time. I support the Gala by taking out an ad in the journal. But I also like being associated with such a worthy cause. I used to think of Safe Harbors as being just about housing and education, but it is so much more. It’s also about community. It helps to bring revenue to the area and it helps to grow the arts.

Chris Henley, Safe Harbors Volunteer

The Cornerstone Residence means a new life for me; new beginnings, new opportunities and access to new experiences. Having been in recovery since 2005, living somewhere safe and secure was of the utmost importance to me. Having 24/7 security means a lot to me and it’s the main reason I moved to The Cornerstone. I received my GED in 2008. The Cornerstone gave me the opportunity to continue my education by going to Orange Community College. I am happy to see the GED program here so people can have that same opportunity to educate themselves. Newburgh needs to change. It needs more places like Safe Harbors and The Cornerstone Residence.

David Castillo, Cornerstone Resident